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The 3 Facts About Screen Time Every Parent Should Know

 Get the latest facts on parenting, homework, and screen time all parents need to know!

Truth About Screen Time vs Grades

How much TV or screen time did your kids get today? Controlling children’s screen time is a pretty big challenge for most parents. It’s also a unique challenge for a generation of parents who didn’t grow up with DVR, ipads, home computers, or even (big gasp) cable TV. Before Americans knew the names <a title=”Carrie… Read More

Creating the Magic Question-The Perfect Rule

First you must create the perfect rule!  Here’s how: The Perfect Rule has Five Parts/Steps.   It must have ALL of the five  listed below to be effective.  If not…no magic will happen.   It must be absolutely simple and clear doable related to time reinforceable consistent  First you must clearly define and know the specific behavior… Read More

The Magic Question Series

  Welcome! Every Monday and Thursday, you can view a new serialize chapter of The Magic Question Method, and become an expert in this wonderful life changing technique. The Magic Question Method Blogs:  Problem Child? No Problem! The Magic Question Method is a no nonsense solution for parents who are ready to make a change… Read More


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Grit Scores in Children are a Strong Predictor of GPA

Children's Grit scores mirror college drop out rates.